How To Run Facebook Ads Beginner’s Guide

You can also create a Facebook page to help market your products. Facebook influencers can help you market on Facebook, depending on your niche. You can sell products on Facebook Marketplace or in some Facebook groups. Facebook Collection ads make it easy for people to browse a product catalog on mobile. Each Facebook Collection ad features one main video or image, along with four smaller accompanying images in a grid-like layout.

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And with 8 billion video views being watched on Facebook every day, it serves as an interesting — and potentially profitable — ad type for marketers to try out. In addition, with the Connections setting, you can choose advanced targeting, which lets you include or exclude people who are connected to certain pages, apps, or events. You can also further customize your targeting using custom audiences for retargeting people who have already interacted with your business. Now it’s time to choose how much you’d like to spend on your ad.

Credit Karma knows this, and they created an ad that plays on the concept. Video ads have the added benefit that you can retarget segments that watch a certain percentage of the video. Wells Fargo gives a strong reason to choose their bank by running a FB ad with actual CD and Savings interest rates.

The word „get” is strong call-to-action language, and it’s used twice here. A time limit on this offer would have made it even stronger. In your next Facebook photo ad, play around with live-action photography and digital design in the same image. As you can see in the ad above, NatureBox was able to design a vibrant „free trial” icon right on top of an image that would’ve worked just as well on its own.

We often see less expensive clicks and conversions when using these ads. In order for a right column ad to be successful, it needs to be relevant, have a value proposition, a good visual, and have a call-to-action. Aligning copy and visuals in a way that’s relevant to the targeted audience provides a feeling of personalization which increases the likelihood of engagement and/or conversion. You’ll also see better ad performance due to higher relevance scores.

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This will eliminate any unqualified clicks, which cost you money. Photo Ads are still images that can help to promote a product or event you want to specifically call attention to. If you have a special promotion going on, for example, this ad format puts a crisp snapshot of your product or venue at the center of your ad. Visual content is not only treated more favorably in the Facebook algorithm, but it’s also more likely to be shared and remembered than written content. No matter what type of ad you create, your image needs to be visually appealing. Audience quality is more important than size because, with Facebook advertising, the goal is engagement and/or conversions.

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We also appreciate how Leesa uses a coupon code and a playful emoji to give that extra nudge for visitors to click the ad. By retargeting past customers, Framebridge is able to use this Facebook ad to increase LTV and present an offer that is hard to pass up. This Facebook ad example from Outdoor Voices uses past customer quotes to communicate their products.

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Knowing where other organic deodorants fall short, Lume positions their brand without those drawbacks, and they do it in a clever and engaging way . The singers are top-notch, the lyrics are hilarious, and they use visual and text cues to support the song throughout the ad. Now that we’ve covered the main ad best practices, formats, and templates, let’s dig into a sampling of the best Facebook ads that embrace the above guidelines. For ads shown in a Facebook News Feed, the recommended image resolution is at least 1080 x 1080. You could use generic „buy a bracelet with your astrology sign” copy paired with an image/video of all the jewelry.

Adjust your image based on the target audience’s needs and by what will appeal to them the most. Facebook ads also offer companies a lot of options when it comes to how your ads appear to your audience. You can use not only still images, but videos, slideshows, and product facebook adds blog collections to advertise your products, events, or content to a targeted audience. Now, there are several types and styles of Facebook ads you can use to advertise products or content to your target audience — from videos, images, to interactive games.

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The company can then use this ad to retarget a customer on their website looking for a flight but failed to book. Image ads are simple ads you can use to promote anything from an eBook to a webinar. These are called Sponsored posts, which, despite looking like Facebook ads, are quite different. And if you’re comfortable with web development, CSS, and Facebook API, designing your Facebook ad landing page shouldn’t be a complicated task.

Another major benefit of Facebook’s current analytics is the ability to add the Facebook pixel to your website. Most content management platforms allow you to easily add this piece of code to your website and track the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads. You can keep an eye on user behavior and create specific target audiences for future Facebook advertising campaigns. Paid advertising on social media is an immediate way to impact the reach of your content. With 2.91 billion active users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform for running ads.