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Offered its shares in the initial public offering as a listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The Company’s mission in mass communication business is to be the quality organization in media business that engages and moves forward with the Thai society. Involve the television business, radio business, Thai News Agency, and digital terrestrial TV broadcast network and facility services.

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The Agency is one of centers sharing and distributing Thai news to countries around the world. The production of news program and situation report has been refreshed. News scoops and news footage in different views have been created by using the new shooting equipment, e.g. objective camera, action camera, and drone in order to produce bird-eye-view footages in different perspectives. Social media has been more utilized to present the special news reports.

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However, the channel will not show any live Manchester United matches, as local rival Cable Thai Holding won the rights last year to broadcast English Premier League games. Manchester United is considered the most popular football club in the world, with an estimated 14 million devoted fans in Thailand. Panorama Worldwide Company Limited was established on November 21, 2003 as a subsidiary of MCOT Plc. The subsidiary is a producer and distributor of television programs and documentaries for local and international television stations, cable TV stations, satellite TV stations and digital TV stations.

football news channel

It also features various content-based programs centered towards economic and social issues. BeIN Sports is a sports channel holding the rights to broadcast world-class football leagues like the Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, France League 1, and, of course, the English FA Cup, with Liverpool FC TV—not to mention all other world’s sports events. Soccer Streams 100 is a free streaming site that allows you to watch all major football leagues, from La Liga to Premier League. Whether you access it from your PC, laptop, tablet, or phone, you’ll get HD quality live football. Besides soccer, the site also provides NBA and NFL streams for those who enjoy American football and basketball.

The division is among the last major hurdles for the Disney-Fox deal. Prime Minister’s Office Minister Anucha Nakasai said on Friday that the US$10 million broadcast rights for the European Championships has been entirely funded by the Thai division of Summit Footwear, which then passed the rights to the government. Cartoon Network broadcasts animated television series, ranging from sensational episodes such as We Bare Bears and The Powerpuff Girls to award-winning series like Ben 10. This is truly an ideal sanctuary full of fun and comfort for kids. HITS is a channel oriented towards all-time hits from Hollywood—be it drama series, classic movies form the golden era of cinema, and a lot more.

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However CTH do have the rights to show the matches and they are cheaper than TrueVisions. Their packages are listed on their website, however only in Thai. You can visit their website by clicking here Basically what’s on offer is 140 channels, 31 of which are in HD. There are 6 dedicated channels for the English Premier League and prices start at 599 baht per month if you want to pay three years in advance.

The network directly feeds news from country members for broadcasting in Thailand and vice versa. Is also the partner of European Broadcasting Union and Arab States Broadcasting Union . The Thai News Agency is also a member of the Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies , which provides direct news exchange among 44 members from 35 countries.

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He said Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha tasked him with finding a solution,n after no private company had secured the broadcast rights, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr.Komol Jungrungreangkit, chairman of Aerosoft Summit Footware Co.,Ltd., said its his pleasure to support the deal and confirmed that people in Thailand can watch all 51 matches. SONY PICTURES Hub of biggest Hollywood Movies from SONY PICTURES which has many famous franchise movies in their own such as Spider-Man, Men in Black, Charlie’s Angels and Ghostbusters. AFN provides a mix of food programming content, primarily from Asia—to keep you informed of the most perfect food guide when you are traveling as well as how to cook the best delicacy from every corner of the world.

This deemed the entertainment news is most viewed on the social media. Nine Entertain is also the first entertainment news program broadcast on LINE TV to under the name of “Nine Entertain Official”. The Thai News Agency is the Company’s center for production, collection, storage and dissemination of neutral, accurate, reliable and timely news and information based on professional standards. Its contents are delivered through different media channels operated by MCOT Plc., including MCOT television and radio networks, electronic and online digital media, social media and SMS via mobile phones, and news exchange with foreign alliances.

The international news produced by leading and internationally-accepted news agencies has been presented so that the viewers would be able to keep updated with situations around the world. The Thai News Agency has also assigned the news reporting team to various countries to report any interesting news to Thai people. And Panorama Worldwide Co., Ltd. have mutually produced a television program, “Timeline, which presented past hot news and contents and added more value of significant news resources. This program became one of the most popular programs among viewers. Modernine TV, a channel that is broadcast in an analog system is the key business of MCOT Plc.